cloth and paper works

IN THE HOUSE OF MY ANCESTORS (Exploring the Tailors Workroom), 2014
Linen, Silk, Cotton, Wool
Handwoven, Dyed and Stitched

Marking Time, 2013
Cotton paper, ink, linen
Hand cut and bound

top l-r: Tracking, I'll Leave You the Mountains if You Leave Me the Sea, Heart Darn
bottom l-r: Study I, Post, Falling
Silk, Pine, Linen
Handwoven and Stitched

Coast, 2012
Linen, Silk

Of Time and Tide, 2012
Linen, Silk, Paper, Cotton

Memory Cloth (Notes from my Grandmother), 2012
Linen, Cotton

Collection #1 (Memory Keepers), 2011
Banana Fibre, Silk, Found Object, Gold Leaf

The Great Australian Dream, 2011
Cotton Paper, Cotton
Hand cut and bound

John Truscott Foundation Tapestries, 2010
A collaboration with Carole Francis and Penelope Gale
Handwoven by the Australian Tapestry Workshop

Bound by the Collective Self, 2008
Re-cycled 'White Pages', Cotton
Hand cut and bound

Every River has its Banks, 2007
Paper, Ink, Cotton
Hand printed and stitched